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Jean Michel Jarre Album Out Today


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Hi all,


today sees the release of OXYMOREWORKS!


The nine track body of work comprises re-works of tracks from my 2022 album ‚OXYMORE'


1. BRUTALISM TAKE 2 / Jean-Michel Jarre x Martin Gore
2. EPICA EXTENSION / Jean-Michel Jarre x Brian Eno
3. BRUTALISM REPRISE / Jean-Michel Jarre x Deathpact  
4. EPICA TAKE 2 / Jean-Michel Jarre x French79
5. SYNTHY SISTERS TAKE 2 / Jean-Michel Jarre & Adiescar Chase
6. EPICA MAXIMA / Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren 
7. SEX IN THE MACHINE TAKE 2 / Jean-Michel Jarre & Nina Kraviz
8. ZEITGEIST TAKE 2 / Jean-Michel Jarre & NSDOS
9. ZEITGEIST BOTANICA / Jean-Michel Jarre & Irène Drésel
OXYMORE holds a special place in my heart, as it embarks on a truly unique sonic journey. With the profound joy of collaborating with fellow artists, much like my previous venture, Electronica, I aim to foster a fresh perspective on my music.

I reached out to musicians whose distinct talents I believe would bring a new dimension into each track. OXYMOREWORKS stands as a testament to the art of collaboration; a vibrant collection of musical dialogues.


CD & Digital out now
Vinyl Out November 24th 




Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren